GuysForMe Boyfriend Material

In this GuysForMe update I was wanting to get everyone’s opinion on what they consider “boyfriend material”. I’m sure that everyone has a different opinion on the matter but I’m sure there are certain characteristics that every girl looks for when they are wanting more of a serious relationship with a guy. One of the main things I always look for is how a guy treats other people, if we are out and about and he is rude to people, it’s pretty safe to say that he will end up treating me the same way. I’m hoping that once Guys For Me launches I won’t be running into many people like this. Another thing I look for in a boyfriend is how he treats is mother, if the guy I am talking to is a total sweetheart to his mom, he usually treats women right! If you have any advice on what you look for in a boyfriend, feel free to leave a comment here. Be sure and check back soon for my next GuysForMe update.

GuysForMe Online Dating

Welcome back GuysForMe readers! It’s been awhile since I have posted an update on the blog and I figured now was a good time to do so. Lately, due to the Guys For Me site not being launched I have been researching other alternatives. As many of you know it’s kinda hard to find online dating sites that are for women, it seems like everyone is focused on the guys. As you have learned in my previous posts GuysForMe has promised to do that, their number one priority is making the women happy because after all, if the woman is happy that guy is happy lol! During my search I wasn’t able to find much of anything, so here I am basically complaining and anxiously awaiting the GuysForMe launch. If any of my readers know of another awesome online dating that works great for us chicks, let me know!

GuysForMe Discussion

I recently received a comment on my GuysForMe blog and figured I would update everyone with what I know about the situation. One of my readers left a comment that indicated that the launch of GuysForMe has been postponed indefinitely and there’s a possibility that the site will never go live. I’ve spent some time extensively researching this and rest assured ladies, the site will be going live in the matter of a couple matters. Although it’s much later than the original date we anticipated, at this point we are only months away from having the first adult dating site that has been designed specifically for women. Anyone that is reading my blog I encourage you to remain patient, once GuysForMe is available to the public there won’t be any other place women want to search for dates. If anyone else has any other questions about the site feel free to leave a comment on this post.

GuysForMe Update

GuysForme is still being developed and has an anticipated launch date of mid May. Although I thought it was going to be launched much sooner, I am still excited for the eventual release. If you have been reading my blog you’d know that I’m willing to talk about pretty much anything on here. Since we are still a couple months away from the launch of GuysForme, I’d like to encourage any of my readers to leave a comment on this post with a topic for my next entry. The floor is open ladies, anything you want to talk about let’s do it. Sex positions, things you hate about your boyfriend, other dating sites that you’ve found success with, really anything at all! So leave your comments and I’ll pick two of the best suggestions for the next blog entry. If any of my female readers would like to post dating advice, I’d love to hear that too. Check back soon for the next GuysForMe update.

GuysForMe Dating Tips

As of now it’s looking like GuysForMe won’t be launching for another month or two. In the mean time I figured it would be a good idea to share online dating tips. Through the years of using other online dating sites me and my girlfriends have come across just about everything online. As most of you probably know there aren’t many sites like GuysForme that focus on the satisfaction of female members. The small amount of success I have had on other dating sites has been to an extremely high amount of patience. You’d think that it’s mainly females who are pretending to be someone they aren’t but there’s plenty of guys who do it too. If you find a profile that you’re interested in and it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Whenever a profile catches my attention, I try to contact the guy by phone or setup a meeting in a PUBLIC place. If he’s reluctant to do either I don’t bother wasting any more of my time and you shouldn’t either! Check back soon for more GuysForMe information and dating tips.

GuysForMe Free Trial

As of today GuysForMe hasn’t launched. I was hoping I’d be able to include the launch date of the site within this post but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out the date just yet. I did however, find out some awesome news! As soon as the site does get up and running, GuysForMe is going to be offering a free trial for female members that we will all able to take advantage of. This is great because typically when dating sites offer free trials they become flooded with guys who really have no intent on actually using the site. I feel like women are more serious about dating in general and I also believe it will provide a great opportunity to get familiar with the format of the site. From what I can tell GuysForMe is going to be the premier destination for women to find a solution to their dating needs. If you have any questions about the site or dating in general, feel free to leave me a comment.


GuysForme is a new online dating site that is still being developed and will be launched sometime in the near future. Like I mentioned in my first post GuysForme is going to focus specifically on it’s female members. The developers of the site will be worried about satisfying us female members, which is much different then most dating sites that seem to only be concerned with making the guys happy. For me it’s always been hard to find a comfortable setting online where I can meet guys, it seems like the sites are either over crowded with guys or the site is too serious and mainstream. I’m often stuck choosing between a site that has a bunch of weirdos on it or dealing with something that is commercialized and everywhere is there looking for the love of their life lol! I anticipate GuysForMe being a great site where women can truly enjoy themselves. For my next entry I should have more details on the site including when it will launch, the cost, and more!


Welcome to my new GuysForMe blog! My name is Jessica and through a close friend that works in the industry I got word that an all new dating site will soon be launched, called Guys For Me. The site is going to be specifically designed for female members and as far as I know it will be the first of its kind. If any of you have used online dating sites before you’re well aware of how crowded they are with male members that are overly desperate just to talk to any woman they can. GuysForMe is going to be a lot different! From what I have heard their sole focus will be the satisfaction of their female members and they will be doing everything they can to ensure that the members and the site itself are pleasing to us females. Guys For Me hasn’t launched yet, but check back soon as I will be updating this blog with news about the site and also my experience with it.